About Us

The J-Hoon Musical Ensemble is a youth dance and music group and a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit originating from New York City. The Ensemble’s repertoire is inspired by the musical tradition of the Kurdish region in northwestern Iran. Throughout its performances, the Ensemble aims to convey the joyous and festive character of the regional hymns and dances, but also the deeper spiritual and contemplative expressions which are at the core of this unique art form. 

The main instrument the Ensemble uses is the tanbur, which is a long-necked ancient lute dating back some two thousand years. Another instrument used to accompany the tanbur is the kamâncheh, a bowed string instrument commonly used in classical Persian music. The daf (or the frame drum) creates excitement and energizes the performance. The members of the Ensemble are proud to share this rare and rich cultural heritage with audiences around the globe.